Photo of the house for sale.

For Sale By Owner

Greece - Gulf of Corinth

2-story 239 m² home: 275,000€

3 plots of land:

2050 m²: 80,000€

440 m²: 15,000€

295 m²: 23,000€

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2-Story Home For Sale

Two-story, 239 m² house on a 1100 m² lot on a paved country road in Ano Loutro, Xilokastro. The lot is inside the city plan, surrounded by plenty of greenery, and has a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Corinth.

The top floor of the house is a 120.35 m² furnished home with 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, 2 dining rooms, roomy kitchen, storage space, area for fireplace, and verandas all around. All furnishings are included in the price. The unfinished ground floor is 118.98 m². Both floors have electricity and water. A building permit is possible and the new owner can add another 200 m² building to the lot.

The house sits between the two commercial centers of Xilokastro and Derveni with easy access to public and local transportation. It also has access to the suburban railway that runs between the Athens airport and the city of Kiato. The lot itself is about 500 meters from the National Road 8a that runs between Athens and Patras and about 1000 meters from the beautiful beaches of Xilokastro.

275,000 €

3 Plots of Land For Sale

In addition to the two-story building there are three plots of land for sale. The first is a 2050 m² lot located nearby in Ano Loutro. It's ready for the construction of a 200 m² building. The new owner only needs to obtain a building permit. Price: 80,000 €

The other two lots are located in the area of Vluxadas in Nea Peramos. They are approximately 1000 meters from the National Road 8a that runs between Athens and Patras and have access to public transportation including the suburban railway station at Nea Peramos. The prices for these lots are:

  • 440 m² lot. Price 15,000 €
  • 295 m² lot. Price 23,000 €